Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo: The Stylish, Talented Sports Star’s Hot and Trending Hairstyles

Cristiano Ronald – the one with an illustrious career has been one of the most celebrated, loved footballers who has garnered a whole lot of praise as a style icon, too. With 259 Million Instagram followers, the Portuguese footballer is growing from strength to strength in popularity. Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the brightest sports icons of the generation. A terrific, skilled scorer since the time he had been playing, this global celeb’s ability to sport a mesmerizing variety of hairstyles is awe-inspiring. A fan of medium and short length hair, Ronaldo’s characteristic styles of bending the hair, mohawk cut, spikes, gelled looks are his speciality.

As the renowned star turns a year older, let’s take a look at this unstoppable talented star’s eclectic hairstyles that make fans worldwide go crazy:

Sleek pompadour, short sides, subtly side parted hair: While Ronaldo captioned his photo ‘Ready to face winter in style’, we completely dig his esteemed, elegant, luxurious, clean look. The polished finesse, neatly combed, lustrous hair accentuates his handsome face.

Short sides with razor lines, spiky top: Ronaldo looks uber stylish donning this haircut. Never shying away from experimenting with hairstyles, he carries each one with effortless ease; this side surgical line is testimony to his eclectic hairstyles. It adds another unique trend, making him look zestful and sleek.

Thick, coarse curly taper hairstyle: Looking extremely cute, Ronaldo tried to don a low side fade variety of curly hair which remains curly at the top. He totally rocks the hairstyle while beaming with joy.

One of the most noticeable hairstyles of Ronaldo while he is training or playing on the field, off late has been this dynamic, gypsy haircut. He very nicely imparted his X factor by pulling the hair into a tight, cute pony in the crown. His personality as a phenomenal sportsman shines through his current no-nonsense, trimmed look.

Classic mullet with forward swept sides, short mohawk: Be it mohawks or faux hawks, or mini mohawks- the superstar footballer carries all of them equally with great attitude. With gelled, combed hair in the center, flaunting a mullet (long hair at the back), the haircut looks very flattering. It is a very wearable, sports-savvy, easy mohawk version of hairstyle.


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