Karnataka Women’s League 2020-21 to Kickstart Today: Full Fixtures

Karnataka State Football Association will kickstart its Women’s Super Division League 2020-21 on Monday with a new entrant Indian Football Factory taking on another debutant Maatru Pratishtana at the Bangalore Football Stadium. All the matches of the league, which has nine rounds of games and ends on March 18, will be played at the same venue.

This is the third season of the Karnataka Women’s League with the league not taking place in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The league last took place in December 2019, where Kickstart FC had emerged victorious and they went on to represent the state in the Indian Women’s League (IWL), which was also played in Bengaluru itself.

The previous KSFA Women’s Super Division League had participation from seven teams and the number has risen to 10 this time around. Compared to the previous season, the new entrants are Indian Football Factory, Maatru Pratishtana, Rebels Women’s FC and Bengaluru Braves. From the previous edition, Mangalore United FC is missing and Belgaum United FC have been rebranded to Slamzers Belgaum.

Here is the full fixtures list.

Round 1

1. Indian Football Factory vs Maatru Pratishtana (Feb 8, Monday, 9.00am)

2. Slamzers Belgaum vs Parikrma FC (Feb 9, Tuesday, 9.00am)

3. Rebels Women’s FC vs Bangalore United FC (Feb 9, Tuesday, 9.00am)

4. Misaka United FC vs Bengaluru Braves (Feb 10, Wednesday, 9.00am)

5. Kickstart FC vs Bangalore Soccer Galaxy (Feb 10, Wednesday, 11.00am)

Round 2

6. Slamzers Belgaum vs Maatru Pratishtana (Feb 12, Friday, 9.00am)

7. Parikrma FC vs Bengaluru Braves (Feb 15, Monday, 9.00am)

8. Misaka United FC vs Bangalore Soccer Galaxy (Feb 15, Monday, 11.00am)

9. Indian Football Factory vs Bangalore United FC (Feb 16, Tuesday, 9.00am)

10. Rebels Women’s FC vs Kickstart FC (Feb 16, Tuesday, 9.00am)

Round 3

11. Parikrma FC vs Misaka United FC (Feb 18, Thursday, 9.00am)

Feb 19, Friday:

12. Maatru Pratishtana vs Kickstart FC (9.00am)

13. Bengaluru Braves vs Indian Football Factory (11.00am)

14. Bangalore Soccer Galaxy vs Bangalore United FC (1.30pm)

15. Rebels Women’s FC vs Slamzers Belgaum (3.30pm)

Round 4

16. Rebels Women’s FC vs Bangalore Soccer Galaxy (Feb 22, Monday, 9.00am)

17. Bangalore United FC vs Maatru Pratishtana (Feb 22, Monday, 11.00am)

18. Kickstart FC vs Bangalore Braves (Feb 23, Tuesday, 9.00am)

19. Indian Football Factory vs Parikrma FC (Feb 23, Tuesday, 11.00am)

20. Misaka United FC vs Slamzers Belgaum (Feb 24, Wednesday, 9.00am)

Round 5

21. Maatru Patishtana vs Bangalore Soccer Galaxy (Feb 25, Thursday, 9.00am)

22. Bengaluru Braves vs Bangalore United FC (Feb 26, Friday, 9.00am)

23. Parikrma FC vs Kickstart FC (Feb 26, Friday, 11.00am)

24. Rebels Women’s FC vs Misaka United FC (March 1, Monday, 9.00am)

25. Slamzers Belgaum vs Indian Football Factory (March 1, Monday, 11.00am)

Round 6

26. Parikrma FC vs Bangalore Soccer Galaxy (March 2, Tuesday, 9.00am)

27. Bengaluru Braves vs Maatru Patishtana (March 2, Tuesday, 11.00am)

28. Rebels Women’s FC vs Indian Football Factory (March 4, Thursday, 9.00am)

29. Misaka United FC vs Kickstart FC (March 4, Thursday, 11.00am)

30. Slamzers Belgaum vs Bangalore United FC (March 5, Friday, 9.00am)

Round 7

31. Rebels Women’s FC vs Maatru Patishtana (March 8, Monday, 9.00am)

32. Bangalore Soccer Galaxy vs Bengaluru Braves (March 8, Monday, 11.00am)

33. Kickstart FC vs Slamzers Belgaum (March 9, Tuesday, 9.00am)

34. Bangalore United FC vs Parikrma FC (March 9, Tuesday, 11.00am)

35. Indian Football Factory vs Misaka United FC (March 10, Wednesday, 9.00am)

Round 8

36. Rebels Women’s FC vs Bengaluru Braves (March 11, Thursday, 11.00am)

37. Maatru Patishtana vs Parikrma FC (March 12, Friday, 9.00am)

38. Bangalore Soccer Galaxy vs Slamzers Belgaum (March 12, Friday, 11.00am)

39. Kickstart FC vs Indian Football Factory (March 15, Monday, 9.00am)

40. Bangalore United FC vs Misaka United FC (March 15, Monday, 11.00am)

Round 9

41. Rebels Women’s FC vs Parikrma FC (March 16, Tuesday, 9.00am)

42. Bengaluru Braves vs Slamzers Belgaum (March 16, Tuesday, 11.00am)

43. Maatru Patishtana vs Misaka United FC (March 17, Wednesday, 9.00am)

44. Bangalore Soccer Galaxy vs Indian Football Factory (March 17, Wednesday, 11.00am)

45. Bangalore United vs Kickstart FC (March 18, Thursday, 9.00am)


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