Anushka Has Been a Pillar of Strength for me: Virat Kohli

Anushka Has Been a Pillar of Strength for me: Virat Kohli

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has once again highlighted his wife Anushka Sharma’s importance in his life describing her as his pillar of strength. Kohli in conversation with former England first-class cricketer Mark Nicholas on his podcast — ‘Not Just Cricket’, went on to say that Anuskha, being a public figure herself, understands the level of pressure and scrutiny he has on him all the time and that has helped him with ‘clarity’ in his life.

Virat Kohli Talks About Battling Depression During England Tour of 2014

“From a mental point of view, I have a lot of conversations with my wife. Anushka and I have such great detailed conversations about the complexity of the mind and how it can pull you into negativity and what are the things that matter to put things into perspective.

She has been a pillar of strength for me in that regard. Because she herself is at a level where she had to deal with a lot of that negativity. So she understands my situation and I understand her situation. And to be able to have a life partner that understands exactly what you are thinking, feeling and what you are going through, I do not quite know if I would have had that clarity if she was not in my life,” said Kohli.

Anushka Has Changed me as a Person For Good, I Can Only Thank Her For That: Virat Kohli

Last year, Kohli during a chat with India opener Mayank Agarwal on spoke at length about the positive influence Anushka has had in his life.

“I know this is the truth. I give her full credit for making me see a different side of things altogether,” said Kohli when Agarwal asked him about being a role model not just in the field or cricket, but outside of it.

“I am so grateful that she is my life partner because you learn from each other. I was a very closed person before, I wasn’t a practical person before. When you see another person and you know that your life partner has a different outlook to things, you invariably are challenged to see another point of view of you – and that something changed my mindset completely, my me as person completely,” Kohli had said then.

Speaking further on the podcast Kohli also talked about his horror England tour of 2014 and how tough was it for him to go through that phase battling depression and how he felt like he was the “loneliest guy in the world”.

“I did. It’s not a great feeling when wake up knowing that you won’t be able to score any runs and I think all batsmen have felt that at some stage or the other that you are not in control of anything at all. And you just don’t understand how to get over it. I think when you look back at a very difficult phase, you realise that you had to go through that phase fully to be able to understand what is wrong and rectify and move forward and open yourself up for change. That was a phase where I literally couldn’t do anything to overturn what I was going through. I felt like I was the loneliest guy in the world,” added Kohli.


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