Rishabh Pant Challenges Fan to Create #FrontHandSpringChallenge Posts Video on Twitter

Rishabh Pant Challenges Fan to Create #FrontHandSpringChallenge Posts Video on Twitter

Cricket is a game of intense pressure and requires hours upon hours of dedicated net and field practice. Players sweat and work hard to perfect their shots, balling styles, or fielding abilities. But all of these are not just achieved by practicing the game itself, but a lot of work goes into making the body fit for acrobatics and agility required on the field. The regular gym workouts aside, some cricketers push themselves to do incredible acts of physical strength in order to constantly improve. One such player is Rishabh Pant who has been making social media headlines through his gym-routines.

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Not satisfied with only working on his body, he has invited his fans to replicate his moves and create a viral fitness challenge.The wicketkeeper-batsman is known for his agility but here is how to works to achieve that balance. In a recently shared video on Twitter, Pant said this: โ€œLife’s more interesting when you have fun! Let’s throw this out there and see how many you guys can do? Make the #FrontHandSpringChallenge a thing and I’ll share the best submissions on my IG stories #RP17 #17โ€.

In the video, Pant can be seen performing subsequent cartwheels to reach from one end of the gym to the camera. Others in team India clothes can be spotted across the floor, including Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer.The impressive video has raked in over 39,000 views within a few hours of being posted.

Many responded to the video like this:

In case youโ€™re wondering why there are many Spiderman comments, then that credit goes to all-rounder Washington Sundar. On Friday, Sundar posted a video (which by the looks of it is the same location and time as the one posted by Pant) practising some stretching exercises and moving on all fours. He captioned the video โ€œSpiderman Spiderman.โ€

According to NDTV, the two players are in Ahmedabad, prepping for the upcoming Test against England at the Motera Stadium.

Pantโ€™s love for Spiderman can be traced to the memorable Border-Gavaskar trophy Test series against Australia in 2020. He mimicked the popular superhero character on Day 4 and sang the verses in of his titular song.


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