Virat Kohli is Very Down to Earth, Only Charged Up While Batting and Fielding: Former Selector

Virat Kohli is Very Down to Earth, Only Charged Up While Batting and Fielding: Former Selector

Former India cricketer and selector Sarandeep Singh says that current skipper Virat Kohli is an extremely down to Earth person off the field despite displaying a certain aggression while on the field. Kohli’s super-charged up demeanour and ability to rile up opponents has sometimes seen him come in for criticism in certain quarters yet there exists a belief among many who know him that he is a very different person away from the cricket field. Sarandeep agrees with this view and even gave examples of how Kohli, while sitting in on selection meetings, was very polite and often listened a lot to what he was being told.

“Whenever Virat comes, team meetings used to go on for 1, 1.5 hours. Virat is a good listener. I don’t know what people think about him,” Sarandeep Singh told Sportskeeda.

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“If you see him in the matches, he’s always charged up while batting and fielding. So it seems like he’s always hot and arrogant, and doesn’t listen to anyone. But no, he’s as down-to-earth as he seems aggressive on the field.

“In selection meetings, he was so polite. He always used to listen to everyone and then finally come to a decision.”

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Sarandeep further recounts how in Kohli’s house he keeps no servants and that when they have guests over, it is him and superstar wife Anushka Sharma who do all the work of making the guests feel at home.

“At his home, there are no servants. He and his wife will serve food to everyone. What else do you want? Virat always sits with you, chats with you, and goes out for dinner with you.

“All the other players have so much respect for him. He’s very down-to-earth and strong-willed,” he further said.

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“On the field, he needs to be that way because he’s the captain. He’s the one who’ll handle the pressure on the ground and make decisions in the heat of the moment.”


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