India vs England: Relive Axar Patel’s First Over, Misses Hat-trick Narrowly

India vs England: Relive Axar Patel's First Over, Misses Hat-trick Narrowly

After India were bundled out for 145, with an overall lead of 33 only, England had made their way back into the match. But the Indian bowlers had other plans and didn’t want to give it easy to the English batsmen. That was evident from Axar Patel’s first over, that was also third innings’ first over as well. The bowler bagged two wickets in the over, and nearly got a hat-trick. Cricketnext takes a look at what happened in the over, ball-by-ball.

Ball 1: Axar Patel to Zak Crawley: OUT! BOWLED! Wicket off the very first delivery! Crawley who was magnificent in the first innings has gone for a golden duck. The local boy struck in his very first ball of the first innings and he has done the same in the second innings. Terrible start for England! Perfect one for India. Axar starts with a slowish delivery pitching on off. He gives this one air, the ball drifts and does not turn. Crawley looks to defend expecting it to spin but gets beaten by the straighter one and the ball hits the middle stump. What a stunning game this is turning out to be.

Ball 2: Axar Patel to Jonny Bairstow: NOT OUT! The review saves Bairstow! Terrible shot first up from Bairstow. He is on a pair and going for the sweep first up is a terrible choice. Bairstow has been given a lifeline here. Shorter delivery in middle, Bairstow looks to go for the premeditated sweep. He misses and gets hit on the mid-riff region. An appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger. Bairstow takes the review. Ultra Edge shows no bat. Time for the Ball Tracker and it shows the ball to be missing the stumps.

Ball 3: Axar Patel to Jonny Bairstow: OUT! BOWLED! Bairstow does not last long. Axar does not get the hat-trick but gets a wicket off the third ball of the innings. What a peach of a delivery this is from Axar, the local boy. Once again horrible technique from Bairstow. Floated delivery pitching on middle. Bairstow gets on the front foot and looks to defend expecting it to turn. The ball does not. Jonny leaves a ‘not-so-bravo’ gap between the bat and pad. The ball goes right between those and hits the top of leg.

Ball 4: Axar Patel to Joe Root: Shorter on off, Root gets on his back foot to defend but gets beaten due to the turn.

Ball 5: Axar Patel to Joe Root: The skipper gets the tourists scoreboard going. Short around off and turning away. Root dabs it to backward point and gets a single.

Ball 6: Axar Patel to Dom Sibley: Eventful first! Floated ball on off, Sibley blocks it and gets through the first over. A run and two wickets off the first. Perfect for India. 1/2


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