Jimmy Neesham Ready to Return to India if IPL 2021 Resumes Despite Risks

With the escalation of Covid-19 risk in the country, IPL 2021 faced an abrupt halt. BCCI postponed its dates and started planning the overseas players’ return to their respective nations.On Saturday, New Zealand’s players landed in Auckland. While all the players were quarantined for 14 days before setting out to their homes, Jimmy Neesham spoke to Newshub from his hotel room.

The Mumbai Indian’s all-rounder expressed his wish to return to India if IPL 2021 resumes despite the Covid-19 surge. While talking he revealed, “For me, I signed up for the IPL knowing what it might be like. I felt like it was an obligation – I made the commitment to go and never had any thoughts of pulling out individually before the tournament finished.” He further opened up that others might have a different take on the issue, but he believes it is a part and parcel of his job. Being a professional, many times, one is required to travel to those countries he isn’t interested to tour to but “getting on the field and getting the job done” is what is expected out of him.

Furthermore, Neesham revealed that he would sign up for the tournament again once vaccination started to roll out. “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to get called off,” he said. No one predicted that everything would crash down so quickly and they would be sent home, he told.

Neesham admitted that he wasn’t expecting the tournament to be suspended even though cases of Covid-19 were surfacing in different teams. He blames the bio-security lapses for the spread among players. He added even though they were travelling by charted planes, their walk through terminals, custom checks and social interactions after games might be the reason for infiltration.

Neesham will head to England for the Word Test Championship final against India to be held in the month of June.

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