“I Am Okay With A Side Stick, It Is All In Good Humor”: Tim Paine Remarks After The Viral Remarks On Niggling

“With great powers, come great responsibilities”, this may have been a popular movie line, but it fits Australian Captain Tim Paine completely. Known for his quirk-harsh comments, he created a spur yet again by quoting something that didn’t go well with Indian cricket fans. An excerpt from his statement:

The above “not-so-responsible” statement, that too coming from a National Team’s Captain showed not only a lack of sportsmanship but also declared war with the netizens and fanfam. The banter was racked up with the hilarious tweet-meme game.

Recently the hosts of the charity show also came in solidarity with a tongue-in-cheek response to the so-called “niggling” trend.

But Indian fanfam was not only lethal but sarcastic to the whole response.

Shortly after Paine’s comments garnered attention, the Australian captain was forced to review his comments as quoted on the episode. Thus while speaking to veteran Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Adam Gilchrist on the ‘Gilly and Goss podcast’, Paine clarified that even though he does stick to what he said, he went ahead to add that Team India played better than them, and that Virat Kohli’s team deserved to win.

He was quoted saying “I was asked a number of things, and one of those was talking about the challenges of playing against India. One of them was the distraction they can create. There was a lot of talk that they weren’t going to Brisbane. They’re always changing gloves and bringing out physios and all that can get on your nerves. Just that was one of the things that probably distracted me and took my eye off the ball at times. But also, I did say that they simply outplayed us and that they deserved to win but they left that one out. The Indian fans have been slamming me on social media. They say that I’m making excuses again but it’s all good fun.”

On the banter and reprimand as received by the public, he further said he doesn’t mind taking a ‘bit of stick’ from the Indian fans. He was further quoted saying “I love the Indian fans. I don’t mind getting a bit of stick, particularly when you deserve it. They ripped me off when I dropped those catches, I thought that was totally fair. Look, I love the passion, I love how much they love cricket. I love how much they interact and for some people, it is a positive interaction, but most of the time they are into me. But I don’t mind that.”

He also supported Steve Smith by declaring him heir-apparent to the captaincy after former’s retirement.

India and Australia share a history of childlike banter, earlier they were limited between players and staff, but after the advent of microblogging sites, the fanfam is also a part of what takes place where and when – and how to shape the statements coming from the likes of respectable men, thus, doubling the responsibility of talking with caution and care.

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