Barcelona’s Caroline Graham Hansen Feels It Will be ‘Dream Come True’ to Win UEFA Women’s Champions League

Sunday’s a massive occasion as Barcelona Femeni take on Chelsea women in the final of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, which will give the world a first-time UWCL champion. Neither Barcelona nor Chelsea have won the title before and it’s also a first European final for Chelsea. For Barca, they have a previous experience – their 4-1 loss to Lyon in 2019. However, having put that behind them and learning from that game, Barcelona are ready to convert the dream into a reality this time around.

“It’s a dream come true to eventually win the Champions League final. So, let’s see, it will be an amazing thing to stand there with the trophy,” right winger Caroline Graham Hansen said in the media day ahead of the big match.

In another international media conference, Barcelona’s Asisat Oshoala had quite firmly put that there was no difference in the way Barcelona men and Barca Femeni play and people just need to watch more of women’s football. Hansen reiterated that point and said, the philosophy runs through the club as a whole.

“Barca plays a certain way, they live football a certain way, doesn’t matter if you are playing for men’s team, women’s team or the youth team, the philosophy is followed through the club and yeah, I noticed a big difference when I came here. They have different way of thinking football and I enjoy the style of play here very much. For me, its been a good change and I guess I am just enjoying my time here.

“I came here to play this type of football and I believe in it very strongly. With all the good players here, not only did I have the chance to improve but also to win big titles. We are very close but we meet a strong team in Chelsea and I’m looking forward to the game,” she said.

Hansen stated that the key for Barca would be to win the mini-battles in the field against Chelsea and increase their chances of winning the big final. Hansen admitted that Chelsea’s was a counter-attacking style of play but said they may even want to keep the ball and have more control over the game, the way Barca does. The winger believed her experience of having played Chelsea before may come in handy too.

“I think everywhere on the field, there is going to be a mini-game in the game. We win all our mini-games, we will have a bigger opportunity to win the game and I think this is the key in the game – the fights one-v-one or two-v-three – the situations are going to decide the game, how we go out there as a team will be a deciding factor. If everybody manages to beat their opponents more times than Chelsea does then we have the key of how to beat them.

“It’s hard to say, we know Chelsea has a lot of strong attackers and they like to attack with the ball so obviously they would want to keep the ball as much as possible, which we also do. In the end, they are very dangerous at their counter-attacks or may be it’s possible they would try to go for counter-attacks more than keeping the ball, I don’t know. I know they have a lot of confidence in their play, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just try to take the ball and control the game in this way as much as possible.

“I have played Chelsea a couple of times in the Champions League, had a good experience of playing them. But it’s going to be a completely difference game on Sunday but I wouldn’t say no to the victories I have had against them,” she opined.

Among all the mini-battles, Hansen will have fellow international Guro Reiten in the midfield to deal with as well. However, the Norwegian felt that would be special but as a team, Barca will just have to be calm and focussed. “Of course it will be special to play a player you know so well from the national team. I think we have good possibilities, we know Chelsea is a good team. The key would be to keep our confidence in our game and play our style. Finals always have weird ways of living their own lives and so, we just have to be calm and composed and play our game.”

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