‘You Forgot to Mention that I Haven’t Been a Match Fixer’: Michael Vaughan Silences Salman Butt

Michael Vaughan has time and again expressed his views on the ongoing debates in the world of cricket. The former England skipper had recently said that the comparison between Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson is irrelevant. But Pakistan’s Salman Butt made a scathing remark on Vaughan saying that, while Kohli has 70 tons, Vaughan has none in limited-overs cricket.

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This did not go down too well with Vaughan as he reminded Butt of his involvement in the spot-fixing scandal.

Earlier, in an interview Vaughan had gone on to say, if Williamson was Indian, he would be called the world’s best batsman. It was then that Butt had called that Vaughan had a habit of stirring up debates.

Here’s how severely Vaughan responded to the allegations then: “I’ve seen what Salman has said about me… that’s fine and he is allowed his opinion but I wished he had such a clear thought of mind back in 2010 when he was Match Fixing,” Vaughan tweeted.

He even wrote about it on his Facebook page. “You forgot to mention that I haven’t been a match fixer’ corrupting our great game’ either like some…!!!!!!!!,” it read.

This is what Butt had said on his Youtube channel. “Who has compared the two? Michael Vaughan. He was a brilliant captain for England, but the beauty at which he used to bat, his output wasn’t on par. He was a good Test batsman but Vaughan never scored a single century in ODIs. Now, as an opener, if you haven’t scored a century, it’s not worth discussion. It’s just that he has a knack of saying things that stir up a debate. Besides, people have a lot of time to stretch a topic.”

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Butt, when involved in the spot-fixing scandal was skipper of the Pakistan team. He was later banned from playing cricket for 10 years, but the ban was then cut down to five years. He was even jailed in November 201,, and only released in June 2012. Since the ban has been lifted, he has went on to play domestic cricket in Pakistan.

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