Sandpaper Gate: Why is Ball-tampering Saga in News Again – Cameron Bancroft’s Latest Comments Reopens Old Wounds

The 2018 ball-tampering scandal or the sandpaper gate has come again to haunt Cricket Australia after batsman Cameron Bancroft suggested that the bowlers were also aware of the happenings. A few days after Bancroft made the revelations, entire cricket fraternity is forced to talk about it. Not only that, it has led CA to intervene and speak with Bancroft over the issue.

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The incident had occurred during the third Test between the Aussies and South Africa in Cape Town, where Bancroft was caught by television cameras, trying rough up one side of the ball. After the incident, what followed was unprecedented. Skipper Steve Smith was stripped of captaincy and handed a ban of one year, along with David Warner. Bancroft was sidelined for nine months. Then coach Darren Lehmann had also quit.


The incident sent shock waves across the nation and Australia’s Prime Minister at that time, Malcolm Turnbull, said it was a “shocking disappointment”. A few days later, Cricket Australia CEW James Sutheland apologised to the fans, while David Peever announced that Tim Paine would lead the Test side.


CA launched their own investigation, led by Executive GM Team Performance Oat Howard, along with Head of Integrity Iain Roy. Later, as a result of the findings, all the three involved players were suspended. CA was also satisfied that no one else was invloved.

It was also found out that coach Lehmann wasn’t aware of the plan.


Speaking to the Guardian in an interview, Bancroft admitted that it was “self-explanatory” that bowlers in the Test team were aware the ball was being tampered with. “Yeah, look, all I wanted to do was to be responsible and accountable for my own actions and part. Yeah, obviously what I did benefits bowlers and the awareness around that, probably, is self-explanatory,” Bancroft said. “I guess one thing I learnt through the journey and being responsible is that’s where the buck stops [with Bancroft himself]. Had I had better awareness I would have made a much better decision.”


Micheal Vaughan

“So the bowlers potentially knew about the ball in Cape Town !!! Of course they did but surely that episode has been put to bed a long time ago … Let’s move on,” Vaughan said in a Tweet.

Ian Chappell

It’s the usual backside-protecting statement. That’s all that ever goes on, as soon as there’s a controversy, it’s a rush to protect your own backside,” Chappell told World Wide of Sports. If I was Smith, Warner or Bancroft, I’d want the others publicly recognised for their part in what happened. It involves people way up the ladder, and the fact that none of them were enveloped, if I was one of the three that did get pinged, I’d be pretty pissed off about it.

Michael Clarke

If you are playing sport at the highest level you know your tools that good it’s not funny. Can you imagine that ball being thrown back to the bowler and the bowler not knowing about it? Please. I don’t think Cameron Bancroft should be smashed for what he’s come out and said, he tried to say nothing but he’s doing an interview.

Adam Gilchrist

It will linger forever, whether it is someone’s book or an ad hoc interview. Eventually I think names will be named. I think there are some people who have it stored away and are ready to pull the trigger when the time is right. I think Cricket Australia are responsible for why this will be continually asked.

David Saker

Obviously a lot of things went wrong at that time. The finger-pointing is going to go on and on and on. There was a lot of people to blame. It could have been me to blame, it could have been someone else. It could have been stopped and it wasn’t, which is unfortunate. Cameron’s a very nice guy. He’s just doing it to get something off his chest… He’s not going to be the last.

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After Bancroft’s interview, Cricket Australia has gotten in touch with the cricketer to clear out the mess. “Yes, CA’s Integrity Team has reached out to Cameron ” a source in Cricket Australia told WION on Monday. But as per the latest developments, Bancroft, who is playing county cricket in the UK, had responded overnight on Monday in a conciliatory manner and indicated that he did not have significant new information to share with CA, the ‘Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, quoting sources familiar with the situation, reported. The report also stated that “the matter is now unlikely to escalate.

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