MS Dhoni’s Wit Can be as Good as His Glove Work: Robin Uthappa

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is renowned for his fast and attractive glove work behind the wickets. Dhoni is arguably the best wicketkeeper to have played the gentlemen’s game in the modern era. However, veteran Indian batsman Robin Uthappa believes that Dhoni’s wit can become as good as his wicket-keeping skills.

Uthappa was recently involved in an interactive session with stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant on his YouTube channel,Wake Up with Sorabh. During the interaction, Uthappa narrated a handful of anecdotes from their playing days involving the former Indian skipper. Dhoni appears as a cool and calm customer on the cricket field and the fans have hardly seen the legendary player losing his cool or involving in irrelevant issues.

However, when Uthappa was asked by a viewer whether Dhoni endorses sledging, the batsman revealed some instances that clearly depict that the Indian skipper was too much fun on the field. Uthappa narrated an incident where Dhoni skillfully trolled former English captain Kevin Pietersen.

It happened when Pietersen wass busy trolling from commentary box. Dhoni, was was probably pissed by then, said, “Listen I’ve gotten your wicket so please keep quiet.”Uthappa added, “I think that is proof enough for what he endorses and what he doesn’t. He’s very quick-witted. His wit, if not the same speed of his glovework, could be faster.”

Further in the interaction, Uthappa narrated another incident that took place during the one-off T20I game between India and Australia in Mumbai 2007. The 35-year-old revealed how Dhoni had made him the incharge of sledging some of the senior Australian players including the likes of skipper Ricky Ponting. Uthappa reckoned that he was always asked to stand at a silly point just to annoyPonting.


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