England vs New Zealand 2021: David Warner Can’t Sleep Because of This England Bowler

David Warner and Stuart Broad had a thing going on during last Ashes. The Englishmen dismissed the Aussies for as many as seven times during the five match series. The dominance shown by Broad was such that almost every other media picked it up and played it hugely. Now, as Broad is currently in action against New Zealand, Warner can’t help but watch his nemesis. And after observing he tweeted: “Trying to get some sleep here in Aus but this bloke pops up on my tv screen!! Few months to get some sleep before the Ashes down under.”

Warner has just returned from quarantine after leaving India in almost emergency situation in the midst of Covid-19.

Warner said it was upsetting how people were lining up to cremate their finally members. “I think it really hit home when everyone saw that piece on the TV about what was happening in India with the oxygen,” Warner told Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa. “You know, people on the streets lining up to cremate their family members and we did see that a couple of times going to and from the grounds. Open fields and stuff. You know, it was terrifying. And it was just really upsetting from a humanitarian point of view.”

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