IPL 2021: Teams Confident Over Availability of Foreign Stars, Start Discussion With Hotels

The BCCI announced on Saturday that the remaining IPL would take place in UAE in the September-October window, and the board has started working out the logistics with the franchises already. While they would be looking to shift base by end of August, a final call will only be taken after discussions with the BCCI.

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Another point of discussion would be the availability of foreign stars for the tournament. The teams are confident of the BCCI getting in touch with the foreign boards over the presence of the players for the IPL. One of the officials from the franchises said that the discussions regarding the same have started, but a lot of things would depend on the quarantine rules in the UAE.

“As of now, we only have the communication that the remaining part of the IPL will be held in the UAE after Saturday’s Special General Meeting. We are also aware that the BCCI office-bearers are in talks with the ECB on the plan of action and are currently in Dubai. So, once we have a clarity on the protocols that will be in place, especially with regards to teams quarantining after reaching UAE, we can block the hotel rooms accordingly,” the official said.

Also the official made it clear that the hotels will be more of less the same which were used during the IPL last year. “Talks are on and once we hear from the BCCI on the travel plan, we will close the deal with the hotel.

“Barring one or two teams, you can expect most of the teams to book the same hotels which they did last season because it helps as both the teams as well as the hotel staff know exactly what they are looking at when it comes to the bio-bubbles and arrangements for travel to the ground and other areas that need special focus with an eye on the COVID-19 situation,” the official explained.

Another official said, “What we were made aware after the BCCI SGM is that the board will be speaking to the foreign boards and check on the availability of the foreign cricketers. We are confident that the BCCI will find the best possible solution and honestly it is a matter of the BCCI officials speaking to the respective board officials, so we should wait to hear from the board on this.

“Yes, if we do end up missing some of the foreign stars, that is an area which would need some attention when it comes to picking replacements as the foreign players are also integral to the teams. Team balance can go for a toss, so keeping fingers crossed on that one,” the official said.

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A franchise official also mentioned that the BCCI is supposed to give a deadline as to when can teams start reaching the UAE.

“If you remember, last year we were given a specific date (August 20) before which we couldn’t leave for UAE. With the tournament once again starting around September 18-19, we should be given the same kind of window to start shifting base to UAE. With the discussions with hotels already on, it shouldn’t be such a big concern. As of now, we are looking at travelling around the third week of August,” the official told ANI.

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